Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review

I love my medium-length waves with soft curls here and there. But it sometimes becomes extremely boring to sport same hairstyles again and again. I had been feeling the same since last few months and the idea of trying my hand at a hair straightener came to my mind. I chose Vega over other reputed brands as I’m an amateur in at-home hair straightening and I needed something easier. And the reason behind picking this model (no. VHSH-01) was nothing but its’ nice pink color. I really love it. Read on below to know more about the hair styling tool:

Product Description:

Vega Stylers can give you gorgeous hair at all times! Vega Flair Flat Hair Straightener is small and light enough. It is the perfect tool for on-the-go styling and for quick touch-ups. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and handle, allowing you to create the perfect style every time. It is ideal for traveling and can fit easily in your bag. This Vega Flair Flat Hair Straightener works with dual voltage, which allows you to use it while traveling.

Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review

Vega Flair Flat Hair Straightener distributes heat across the entire surface evenly, retains heat more efficiently and eliminates damaging hot spots. The solid ceramic plates help your hair to:

  • Preserve more moisture within the hair shaft
  • Causes less damage to the hair cuticle during styling

Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review


  • One heat setting – heats up to 210 degree Celsius
  • 100% solid ceramic plates for healthier hair and a high gloss shine
  • On/OFF switch with LED indicator light
  • The advanced temperature control heater gets hot quickly and maintains stable temperature
  • Creates shiny and straight hair
  • The lightweight and compact design is easy and comfortable to control
  • Easy and convenient for operation
  • 360 degree swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Dual voltage of 110 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power 25 W

Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review

Types of Styling:

  1. Flat straight
  2. Soft curls
  3. Flip out
  4. Flip in


2 years


  • Let the appliance heat up for 60 to 120 seconds. Then, switch it OFF.
  • Hold it by the handle and start styling your hair.
  • Brush your hair and separate it into sections about 2 inches wide and place the section between clamping plates as close to scale without touching it. Do not touch the scalp as the plates are hot and can damage it.
  • Hold plates firmly closed with hair section in between, sliding the tool down and off the section of hair. Do not hold the hair between the clamping plates for more than 2 to 5 seconds (depending on hair thickness).
  • Repeat for all the hair section.
  • Let the device cool down.

Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review


Rs. 1199


Online only

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Vega Flair Flat Hair Straightener comes in a long hard cardboard box packaging. It is a white-colored long and compact box with vital information and the images of the product printed on it. The content of the box includes the straightener, the user manual and the warranty card. Upon opening the box, you can find another folded piece of cardboard creating two sections inside the box. The body of the straightener is carefully placed at one section, while the cord part is extended to the second section where the user manual and warranty card are also kept.

It is a very sleek and ‘sexy’ hair straightener, I must say. The metal body is glossy pink in color with the logo and temperature caution printed on it with black. The black ceramic plates inside have an ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator for carrying out the process efficiently. The 360 degree swivel cord is long enough and can serve the purpose perfectly. The plates of the straightener are taken together and packed with a small bubble wrap. The entire body of the straightener is made secured with another large bubble wrap. The cord is clamped with a small piece of wire. The overall packaging is very nice and the product has a great appearance.

Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener Review

My Take on Vega Flair VHSH-01 Flat Hair Straightener:

The hair straightener has really elegant pair of tongs that pleases my eyes even before I use it. The plates are not very wide and hence, you can’t attempt to straighten a large section of hair at a time. Each plate is around 0.5 inch in width but has great ability to hold very rough ends of locks too.  One feature of this device that I like very much is its’ quick-heating capacity. It heats up in as less as 30 seconds and I don’t need to wait before starting the procedure. The ceramic plates can retain the heat quite well too. I can straighten 2 to 3 sections of hair by heating up the device once. However, it comes with only one heat setting system that means you can’t adjust its temperature. So, it might not be possible always to protect your hair from damaging, especially when you need only touch-ups and not a complete straightening.

The smart design and light weight of the straightener makes it very easy and convenient to use. The 360-degree swivel cord helps me use the device anywhere around my head and that too without tangling. I follow the exactly same procedure described in the user manual and I’ve not experienced any issue till date. It takes around 15 minutes to straighten up my medium-length hair and honestly speaking, the result is lovely! My hair becomes perfectly straight and silky smooth whenever I use it. The ceramic plates also add a little shine to my manes. The device cools down very fast too. However, it is important to power ON and power OFF it carefully as there is a single setting and we can never adjust the temperature as per our requirements.

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  • Sleek and sturdy body with girly pink color
  • Smart design
  • Very light weight
  • Heats up very fast
  • Heats up to 210 degree Celsius
  • 100% solid ceramic plates
  • Consumes only 25W
  • Clearly visible ON/OFF switch and LED indicator
  • Good heat retention capacity
  • Four different styles can be done
  • Comes with detailed user manual
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years
  • Cheaper than other similar products available in the market
  • Smart travel-friendly packaging


  • Temperature can’t be control
  • Plates are not that wide
  • Not available offline

Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend?

If you are a beginner in at-home hair straightening or are running on budget, this is an awesome product for you. All you need to do is to use it carefully so that you can keep the temperature under control and avoid any sort of damage.

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