Enviable Hair Is On Your Way! Pick From 10 Best Shampoos In India

What do you expect from you shampoo? Beautiful bouncy hair? Relief from dandruff? Protection from pollution? Hair fall prevention? Or, significant hair growth? According to what you are looking for from the shampoo, you need to choose the right formula. While some shampoos live up to their claims, some certainly don’t. Let us tell you about 10 best shampoos in India that can give you long, strong, and lustrous hair anytime.

Best Shampoos in India – Our top 10 picks

1. Dove Daily Shine Shampoo

Dove Daily Shine Shampoo

The Dove Daily Shine Shampoo has ‘micromoisture’ serum that helps in forming a protective shield to save the hair from impurities and pollutants in the atmosphere. It is best suited for normal hair and does the job of cleansing both the hair and the scalp. It also nourishes the hair from the root to the tip.

Claim To Fame:

  • Gentle formula for everyday use
  • Nutritive serum for deep nourishment
  • Protection from daily wear and tear
  • Gives strong, shiny, and healthy-looking hair

Price: Rs. 124 for 180 ml.

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2. L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Advanced Repairing Shampoo

L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5

This shampoo offers complete repairing of hair by targeting 5 extremely common yet severe hair problems, namely- dryness, dullness, hair fall, roughness, and split ends. It has a pro-keratin and ceramide-enriched formula that strengthens the hair and prevents it from breakage.

Claim To Fame:

  • A ceramide-cement enriched formula
  • 5 Problems – 1 Solution
  • Treats the visible signs of damaged hair without weighing it down
  • Strong, supple, smooth, and shiny hair with protected tips

Price: Rs. 155 for 175 ml.

3. Sunsilk Co-Creations Perfect Straight Shampoo

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo

It is made with the specially developed straight lock technology that holds each strand of hair straight as it starts drying. The shampoo penetrates into the hair and strengthens as well as aligns it. Use it regularly to get hair that is perfectly straight and smooth.

Claim To Fame:

  • Exclusive straight lock technology along with silk protein and a fresh perky fragrance
  • Gives lively straight hair that is vibrant, silky, and moves with you
  • Works from the first wash and keeps the hair straight and aligned even after drying

Price: Rs.110 for 180 ml.

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4. Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Head and Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

The hydrazinc in this shampoo removes dandruff as well as prevents irritation and itching like all other H&S Shampoos. Alongside, its smart care and conditioning system reinforces the hair strength, thereby preventing hair fall significantly.

Claim To Fame:

  • Rich, nourishing shampoo with three conditioning ingredients
  • Formulated with Fresh Scent Technology
  • Repairs damaged hair to create smoothness with every wash
  • Gives up to 10 times stronger hair and reduces hair fall due to breakage
  • Relieves dry scalp and makes hair up to 100% dandruff-free with regular use

Price: Rs. 135 for 180 ml.

5. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Don’t we all want smooth and shiny hair? The Keratin Smooth Shampoo from TRESemme does just that. It has low sulphate complex infused with keratin which smoothens the hair, making it gorgeously sleek and totally manageable.

Claim To Fame:

  • Professional quality shampoo for perfectly aligned and smoother hair
  • Unique lower sulfate formula restores keratin and provides nourishment
  • Gives gorgeously straighter, shinier, more manageable, and easy to style locks

Price: Rs.90 for 100 ml.

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6. Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Strengthening Shampoo

Garnier Fructis Long and Strong Shampoo

This shampoo comes with lemon peel extract and is fortified with nutrients to prevent hair fall and hair breakage. It penetrates deep into the scalp and conditions the hair from the root to the tip. Use it regularly for hair that grows longer and stronger.

Claim To Fame:

  • Innovative formula contains active fruit concentrate
  • Uses lemon peel extract with vitamins and nutrients
  • Nourishes from the roots and gives up to 5 times stronger hair
  • Helps reduce breakage and split-ends upon regular use

Price: Rs. 65 for 100 ml.

7. Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Fullness & Life Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Fullness Shampoo

If it is the volume that you want in your hair, this is the shampoo to try. It comes with Cassia complex that conditions the hair, removes sweat from it, and provides natural fullness and gloss. The result is shinier and fuller hair.

Claim To Fame:

  • Rejuvenates damaged hair upon the loss of volume and natural gloss
  • Revitalizes weak, tired hair to restore its natural fullness and shine
  • Contains Cassia Complex that cleanses hair gently and conditions it

Price: Rs. 155 for 170 ml.

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8. Biotique Bio-Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo

Biotique Bio-Kelp fresh growth protein Shampoo

If you prefer natural shampoos for growing your hair, Biotique Bio-Kelp Shampoo could be the best pick for you. It is made of nutrients that are derived from the seaweed kelp, which treat dry hair, make hair stronger, and improve circulation in the scalp, leading to considerable hair growth.

Claim To Fame:

  • Organically pure and preservative-free product for silky, shiny and manageable hair
  • Nourishing formula combining pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil, and mint leaf extract
  • Cleanses hair gently and invigorates the scalp for fresh hair growth and healthier shine

Price: Rs. 159 for 190 ml.

9. Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

Himalaya Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

If you want to fight hair fall the natural way with a shampoo that does not have parabens or sulphates, Himalaya Herbals has the perfect solution for you. This Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is suited for all hair types. It eliminates scalp infections, improves the texture and strength of hair, and prevents hair breakage.

Claim To Fame:

  • A breakthrough 2-in-1 formula containing herbs Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja
  • Provides nourishment to hair shaft and stimulates hair follicle growth
  • Conditions and improves the texture of hair while promoting hair growth
  • Strengthens hair roots and reduces hair fall due to breakage

Price: Rs. 128 for 200 ml.

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10. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Beer is a natural hair cleanser and conditioner. It is extensively used to strengthen the hair and add gloss to it. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is made with real beer. So, the shampoo not just cleanses the hair but also conditions it as you keep using it.

Claim To Fame:

  • Fortified with nutrients found in real beer
  • Nourishes the scalp to a great extent
  • Gives stronger and lustrous hair

Price: Rs. 160 for 200 ml.

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