Kasturi Turmeric Works Wonders For Your Skin

Kasturi Turmeric is a gift of nature to upkeep your skin in a convenient way. No wonder this ancient herb is widely used in almost all of the cosmetic products and medicinal preparations. Kasturi Turmeric is sometimes referred to as Kasturi Manjal also and it is called as wild turmeric in English.

Kasturi Turmeric Works Wonders For Your Skin

You can easily locate this wonder herb in markets. It might be available in powdered form or stick form or in some cases as dried roots. Nowadays it is available in organic form also as a branded product.

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So, now instead of spending on those expensive facials and beauty treatments to get artificial and temporary glow, it is time to go natural. Kasturi turmeric can have innumerable benefits for your skin sans any side effects.

How Kasturi Turmeric Gives You That Flawless Skin

One essential thing to remember while using kasturi turmeric is to never use it with only water. It should always be accompanied with other flours, oils, milk or yoghurt. When used as directed it will never leave that embarrassing yellow colour on your skin or clothes.

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1. As A Face Mask For Glowing Skin:

Prepare a face mask by mixing kasturi turmeric powder with chickpea flour and un-boiled milk. Apply it evenly on your skin and give a gentle massage. Keep it applied for 15-30 minutes as per your convenience and wash with water to get that glowing and blooming skin.

2. As A Cure For Acne and Acne Marks:

Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic quality, it serves as an amazing way to get rid of pimples and those humiliating pimple marks. Make a paste of Turmeric powder with sandalwood powder in milk. Apply the paste on your pimples and wash it after 30 minutes. You will be amazed when you witness a blemish free skin in few months.

3.  As A Scrub For Exfoliating Skin:

Kasturi Turmeric has anti-oxidant qualities and can help your skin to become rash free and away from any disorder with an elastic skin. Make a paste of turmeric along with yoghurt and scrub on your skin gently. Allow it to remain on your skin for 15-20 minutes and wash it to discover a youthful skin.

4. As An Anti-ageing Tool To Fight Wrinkles:

It not only helps in improving your skin complexion but also helps you to combat the ageing signs of wrinkles and under eye bags. Prepare a smooth paste of turmeric along with buttermilk and apply on affected areas. You can also make a paste with sugar cane juice to get rid of wrinkles.

Kasturi Turmeric Works Wonders For Your Skin

5. As an Agent For Removing Facial Hair:

There are very few ways available to stop the growth of unwanted facial hair and waxing should be only the last resort. However, by using this herb you can also reduce the growth of facial hairs. Just make a paste of kasturi turmeric with warm coconut oil.

6. As A Remedy For Skin Tan:

If you are tired of finding ways to de-tan your skin, then turmeric is the perfect answer. It helps in brightening up the skin tan on your face. At the same time, it also cures if you have blackened lips, uneven skin tone. All you have to do is make a fine paste with unboiled milk. Apply on affected areas and you are sure to get your skin colour back.

All in all it is a one stop solution for all your skin woes. We hope by using our ideas you will get tired of overflow of compliments.

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