How To Use Curd For Reducing Hair Loss

Excessive loss of hair can give us nightmares and almost all of us have experienced this situation. Admit it. But there are ample natural remedies to stop frequent hair fall. Curd is one of the most inexpensive and easily available ones among them. All you need to know is how to use curd for treating your mane the right way. Let us help you with the recipes of 16 super effective curd hair packs:

How To Use Curd For Reducing Hair Loss

  1. Plain / Sour Curd Hair Pack

Massage a cup of plain / sour curd on your scalp for 3-4 minutes, and spread it along the length of your hair. Let it sit for an hour. Then, rinse with lukewarm water.  It will dandruff-proof your hair and prevent it from falling.

  1. Curd With Lemon

A combination of half cup curd and freshly squeezed juice of a lemon can help you get rid of dandruff and reduce hair fall by making your hair healthy. Left the mixture over your scalp or 20-30 minutes and then, wash off.

  1. Curd With Honey

Blend 2 tablespoons of pure honey with equal amount of curd and apply the pack to your scalp and hair. The antibacterial and moisturizing properties of honey combined with all the goodness of curd will improve your scalp health and decrease hair fall.

  1. Curd With Pepper

Mix pepper with curd and apply all over your scalp. After 20 minutes, wash off with tepid water. This hair pack is good for curing dandruff, strengthening roots, and eventually reducing hair fall.

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  1. Curd With Gram Flour

Curd, when mixed with gram flour, can make hair roots stronger and prevent the strands from falling frequently. Make a paste with these two ingredients and apply thoroughly. Do it once every week to get the best results.

  1. Curd With Amla Powder

Prepare a pack by mixing amla powder with curd, apply it on your scalp and rinse your hair with a mild shampoo after half an hour. This is an amazing Ayurvedic remedy to treat lots of scalp issues and resist hair fall.

  1. Curd With Fenugreek Powder

Here is another Ayurvdic hair loss remedy in which fenugreek or methi powder is combined with fresh curd to apply to the scalp. Leave it for 45 minutes and then, wash off. It not only reduces hair loss, but also makes hair healthy.

How To Use Curd For Reducing Hair Loss

  1. Curd With Egg Yolk

Give your hair a health boost and stop it from falling by treating it with a mask rich in lactic acid and proteins. Blend the yolk of an egg with a cup of curd and apply it to your scalp and hair once every week.

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  1. Curd With Banana Pulp

Dry, frizzy hair tends to fall more. So, get rid of this problem by applying a moisturizing and conditioning hair pack to it. Mix half cup of curd and half of the pulp of a completely ripe banana together and treat your hair with for 20 minutes.  Do it twice every week.

  1. Curd With Olive Oil

Hair loss caused due to dry and flaky scalp can be successfully treated with this super nourishing mask. Add three tablespoons of olive oil to a cup of curd, blend nicely and massage your scalp with it. Rinse off after an hour with a gentle shampoo.

  1. Curd With Black Gram

Soak a handful of whole black gram overnight, grind it smoothly next morning and blend with a cup of curd. Applying this paste on the scalp and hair can make them healthier. As a result, you experience lesser hair fall.

  1. Curd With Green Gram Powder

Take a cup of curd and mix 3 tablespoons of green gram powder with it. Apply this paste to your scalp and spread along the length of your hair. This is another way to infuse protein into your locks and avert hair fall.

    13. Curd, Honey And Lemon

If you want a single hair pack to fight all causes of hair fall like dandruff, dry and flaky scalp, frizzy hair, etc., add two tablespoons of honey and freshly squeezed juice of a lemon to a cup of curd. Leave the paste on your scalp for half an hour and wash off with lukewarm water.

How To Use Curd For Reducing Hair Loss

    14. Curd With Camphor

If severe hair fall has caused bald patches on your scalp, go for this highly effective hair pack. Mix curd and camphor in equal quantities, apply it to the bald areas and wash off after 2-3 hours. Practice it as frequently as possible to see satisfactory outcomes.

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    15. Curd, Egg And Almond Oil

To provide deep nourishment to your locks and reduce hair loss, blend two whole eggs and three tablespoons of almond oil with a cup of curd. Massage your scalp with it thoroughly and cover with a shower cap for half an hour before washing.

  1. Curd, Fenugreek Powder And Onion Juice

Increase the hair fall-preventing power of curd and fenugreek powder pack with some onion juice. The combo of these three ingredients is excellent for hair and can stop it from falling to a great extent. Do it twice every week for visible results.

So, just embrace the goodness of curd and challenge ‘hair fall’ today!

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