Make Shikakai Hair Wash Powder at Home

Deep black hair is iconic to Indian women. Its gravity and depth stays unparalleled. The problem is to maintain it without grays and whites! There are hundreds of hair products offered by cosmetic giants but if you trust your Mother Nature and love the proverb – ‘old is gold’, you will probably look for something homemade that has been used since the ancient times. The homemade Shikakai Hair Wash Powder will fit your bill. The process of making the powder is not difficult but what’s more challenging is the collection part as some ingredients may not be easily available. Assuming that you can get hold of the necessary ingredients, this post gives you the recipe for Shikakai Hair Wash Powder that will allow you to pamper your hair unlike any other cosmetic product out there.

The Process Involved

When you have gathered all the ingredients, choose a couple of bright sunny days (best to opt for summer months) and leave them to dry in open sun for 6 hours each day. In two days’ time, they will be crisp and completely dry. Now all you have to do is to grind them into a fine powder and that’s it! Store in a clean dry jar. The shelf life is very long and you can actually store it for months.

How to Apply?

Take a small portion of the powder in a bowl and add water. Stir gently until you get a paste. Apply on your hair instead of a shampoo.

Ingredients Needed

Shikakai – You will need 500 grams of Shikakai. Vitamin C and vitamin D are abundant in this ingredient and it nourishes hair follicles using the micro nutrients. Best thing is that Shikakai helps to maintain the natural oil of the hair.


Soap Nut or Reetha – It is known for its lathering effect and it removes just the right amount of excess oil from your hair while cleaning your scalp by getting rid of impurities and dirt. 100 grams of Reetha is enough.

Soap Nut or Reetha

Methi or Fenugreek – You will be needing 250 grams of this ingredient. Rich in proteins and nicotinic acid, Methi is known for nourishing hair roots and adding bounce by replenishing damaged and dry hair. In short, it is the hair conditioner you need for bouncy hair.

Methi or Fenugreek

Basil or Tulsi Leaves – You will be needing one bunch of this ingredient for you Shikakai Hair Wash Powder. Very readily available, it is the wonder plant. When used in hair wash powder, it will reduce body heat and prevent hair fall, kill lice and remove dandruff and even thicken your hair.

Basil or Tulsi Leaves

Green Gram or Moong Bean – Split ends? You need proteins and vitamin B and Green Gram has exactly what your hair needs. It also cleanses your scalp and maintains the right moisture content. Overall, it promotes hair growth, making it dense! You will be needing 250 grams of this ingredient.

Green Gram or Moong Bean

Curry Leaves – This is the final ingredient that will prevent hair tangles and premature grays and whites while adding a natural shine to your hair. Once again, you will need a bunch of these readily available leaves for your homemade Shikakai Hair Wash Powder.

Curry Leaves

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