Is Body Sculpting Without Surgery Possible?

There are a number of surgeries that help you get rid of stubborn fat in the midriff, thighs and hips. These surgeries are performed worldwide and are a surefire way of losing excess weight. You can read more about body sculpting surgeries here and here. But if you are the kind that does not want to go under the knife and yet want to lose weight the quick way, then you can try body sculpting without surgery. Surprised? Yes, with so much advancement in technology, there are now ways in which you can get your body sculpted without getting a surgery done. We know you want details, so read on to find out how body sculpting without surgery is done.

What are the different Procedures and how do they do it? 

With many women not wanting to get a “surgery” proper done and with the development of so many cool technologies, there are now ways in which the body fat can be gotten rid of without the knife and surgery. One of the ways is called Cool-Sculpting which uses extremely low temperatures to freeze fat. Zerona technique uses Laser to shrink fat cells and break them down. All these procedures end up disrupting the fat cells and cause them to break down. Unlike Liposuction, the fat is not removed by suction but clears away from the body metabolism naturally. Let’s take a look at each procedure one by one.



Procedure – The patient sits in a chair during the procedure and the physician applies a cooling suction device in the parts where you want to lose fat. The body parts become numb from the freezing temperature. The process destroys the fat cells by freezing them.

Costs Involved– Each sitting lasts an hour and costs $700. Depending on the region where you want to lose the fat and the extent of fat you want to lose, the number of sittings vary. Your tummy would need 2 sittings for a 20% reduction in fat, thighs would need four and so on.

Results – It is not as effective as liposuction and not meant to be also. It is meant for discreet bulges that have fat that is resistant to exercise. So if you eat healthy, exercise well and have a moderate amount of fat, then this procedure works well for you.



Procedure– Zerona uses laser to dissolve fat cells. The low level laser causes the fat to seep out of the cell. This fat then goes into the lymphatic system and is metabolized.

Cost Involved – It costs less then $2000 for a package of 6 treatments that are performed over two weeks.

Results– Zerona has been successful in removing 1 to 1.5 inches of fat from thighs, hips and stomach region.

Are the Procedures Effective? Do they have Side effects? 

While they do not cause any drastic modification in shape like Liposuction, they do help you lose a couple of inches without having to worry about downtime. They do not have any side effects. There is no damage that is done to the skin, there are no stitches and most importantly, not much post-procedure care. You might need to get a follow-up procedure done for maintenance, but that is about it. So if you do not want to go under the knife and want to lose a couple of inches, then you could give these “body sculpting without surgery” procedures a try.

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