Body Contour Wrap – A Wrap Towards a Perfect You

Body contour wraps are fast turning to be the next big thing when it comes to looking slimmer and contouring your body.

Loose a few inches off your body within minutes- who would not like the idea? A caption enough to entice anyone, right! But practically do you think this really happens? A diet, exercise everything takes its course of time. Nothing really works to knock those inches off your body within minutes whatsoever. But what is making the impossible possible is the body contour wraps, yes you heard it right! Body contour wrap is something that can help you cut of that extra flab and that too within minutes.

Body Contour Wrap

What are Body contour wraps?

Body contour wraps originated decades back and in those times the body wraps were mainly of linen sheets. It was then called the herbal wraps. The times have changed and the body wraps too has evolved to plastic as well as thermal wraps. This is basically a spa treatment, which is completely natural, excellent and safest way to get rid of the inches by cleansing and detoxifying the body. The result would also be a smooth, wonderful and silky skin.

Body Contour Wrap

So how does it work?

The method of body contour wrap varies from spa to spa but in general, the body contour wraps are carried out in dark room. The body wrapping is done on a table, which is covered with thermal blanket, above that would be the plastic wrap which would be wrapped around the client. The client would be indulged to a body scrub first and foremost which would be followed with a shower. After that the body wrap would be applied. The wrap would be applied all over, once it is done the thermal blanket would be put over. The thermal blanket will produce heat that is enough to sweat out a person completely in thirty minutes. Once that is done, the wrap is left to cool down. After this the wrap is removed and the body is rinsed and a lotion would be applied. This treatment not only leaves your skin clean and smooth but it is also a very relaxing procedure.

Types of body wraps

The body contouring wraps are basically of three types.

  1. Pampering wraps: This involves the massage of the skin with certain products like mud, oil or cream. This is applied on the body after which the body is bound in warm blanket and the client is let to relax in a quiet ambiance with soft music. This wrap is essentially to moisturize the skin and to de-stress.
  2. Dehydration wraps: This body contouring wrap is essentially to knock off the extra inches from your body and that is done primarily through water elimination. This wrap is formulated specially for women who have a lot of water retention in their body which tends to make them feel bloated. This body contouring wrap procedure is equal to a rigorous exercise and will help lose a couple of inches too.
  3. Hydration wraps: These body wraps are the ones that eliminates the toxins. The wraps eliminate the toxins by throwing them out through the pores of the skin. As a consequence you will notice a considerable difference in the flabby areas like the stomach, thighs, hips etc.

How safe are these body contouring wraps?

The body contour wraps are safe as there are no medicines or drugs involved. In general anyone can get this procedure done and it is just like any other spa treatment. The body is relaxed, toned and cleansed. The weight loss is essentially caused due to the cleansing of tissues which is safe and healthy too.

Therefore the body contour wraps are definitely the safest, fastest and easiest technique of knocking of the extra weight and feeling good.

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