Best Soaps for Oily Skin in India – Top 7 Picks

Oily skin needs special soaps that help in cleansing the skin, dissolving the excess oil in the skin and in controlling further oil production. If you have oily skin and wash your face with a regular soap, then your skin turns oily and dull halfway through the day.  The soaps come with citrus extracts or neem or essential oils that help in cutting the excess oil in your skin and keeping it soft and moist, but not oily. Wash your face twice a day with oil controlling soaps and you will be free from oily skin worries. Here is our pick of the best soaps for oily skin in India that will help you get great skin that remains fresh throughout the day!

Best Soaps for Oily Skin in India

1. Pears Oil Clear Soap

Pears Oil Clear Soap

Pears Oil Clear Soap comes with lemon flower extracts that helps in removing the excess oil from your skin. Washing your face with the soap makes the skin moist and glow but never lets it become oily. It acts as an antibacterial agent and prevents skin infections. The glycerin in the soap keeps the skin supple. The pH balanced soap ensures that it rids your skin only of the excess oil on the skin. It is priced at Rs. 50 for 125 g.

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2. Nomarks Oil Control Soap

Nomarks Oil Control Soap

The Nomarks Oil Control Soap is enriched with lemon, aloe vera and jambira extracts. It is specially made for younger skin that tends to produce oil or sebum in excess. By removing the oil, the soap helps in controlling acne and pimples on the skin. The soap is priced at Rs. 30 for 113 gm.

3.Biotique Bio Orange Peel Soap

Biotique Bio Orange Peel Soap

The Biotique Bio Orange Peel Soap is enriched with orange peel extracts, musk roots, pure orange oil, walnut shavings, margosa, turmeric and soap nut. They help in washing away the impurities in the skin and also remove excess oil without disturbing the skin’s pH. The soap has a refreshing citrus fragrance and a great scrubbing effect on the skin. It is priced at Rs. 79 for 150 gm.

4. Nature’s Essence Orange Scrub Soap

Nature's Essence Orange Scrub Soap

The Nature’s Essence Orange Scrub Soap is has orange extracts, almond oil and oats, making it one of the best products to exfoliate the skin. Regular use prevents occurrence of blackheads. It also washes away the excess oil in the skin, allowing it to breathe and look bright. It is priced at Rs. 30 for 75 gm.

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5. Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Soap

Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Soap

The Himalaya Herbals Cucumber Soap is especially made for oily skin. It has nut grass extracts that helps in soothing the skin, cucumber that helps in controlling the oil production, turmeric that is an antiseptic and coconut oil which is a natural moisturizer. End result of regular use is smooth and oil-free skin. It is priced at Rs. 24 for 75 g.

6. Fabindia Tea Tree Soap

Fabindia Tea Tree Soap

The Fabindia Tea Tree Soap has tea tree oil in it and a refreshing fragrance. The glycerin based soap acts as a mild cleanser which hydrates the skin to keep it smooth. The tea tree oil in the soap helps in controlling excess oil secreted by the skin and prevents acne and pimples. It is priced at Rs. 75 for 100 gm.

7. Iraya Citrus Punch Soap

Iraya Citrus Punch Soap

The Iraya Citrus Punch Soap has the energizing extracts and aroma of citrus fruits. It is a great recipe for oily skin, leaving your skin fresh and matte throughout the day after a zesty bath. It is priced at Rs. 175 for 100 gm.

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