6 Food Items for Your First Night – Spice It Up!

Wondering how to make the most of your much-awaited wedding night? Getting worried about how to ignite the passion and keep the fire burning on the bed? All you need is to know about those super-effective food items or aphrodisiacs that can help you spice up your first night. Check out the top 6 of them here:

Your First Night

1. Aromatic Saffron

When it comes to some good aphrodisiacs to add spark to your first night, saffron always tops the list. In fact, drinking saffron infused in hot milk is a well-known marriage ritual in many parts of India. Basically, this highly expensive spice is used as a cooking ingredient for its fantastic aroma and excellent health benefits. But it also has great libido-boosting properties. Hence, if you want to add a zing to your first night, do not forget to raise your sexual desire by consuming ‘kesar wala doodh’.

2. Magical Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are not only good for your health, but they are also a wonderful source of energy. So, make sure to have a bite of a dark chocolate bar to start your first night in a perfect way. The rich and smooth taste of this love food will enhance the production of neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’ in your body, which will eventually make you feel contented, relaxed and high in energy.

3. Juicy Strawberry

Strawberry tops for puffy eyes

What can be more tantalizing for a newlywed couple than indulging in some red, ripe and succulent strawberries dipped in hot chocolate? Sounds sensual, right? Well, it is effective too. These sweet and moist fruit is packed with large numbers of vitamins and minerals, which can fulfill your requirements that you have missed amidst the anxiety and hectic schedule of wedding.

4. Nutty Almond


Many people love to add a few almonds to their saffron infused milk before starting the first night of their marriage. The reason lying behind it is the endless health benefits and incredible stamina-boosting power of the nuts. Almonds are rich in vitamin B2 as well as minerals like manganese and copper, which are known for increasing strength. They also contain lots of proteins, which are absolutely necessary for keeping your sex hormones functioning efficiently.

5. Smooth Honey

Honey For Hair, Skin, Body & Beauty

Does the idea of having some raw and pure honey right before getting active in your bedroom fascinate you? Why don’t make it a way to spice up your first night? Yes, honey is considered as one of the best natural food items that can fight against impotency and add to the fertility in both men and women. It is full of the mineral boron, which plays a crucial role in stimulating the production of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

6. Fresh Mint

Mint leaves Extract

And now here is an item that can keep you refreshed all through that dreamy night. I’m talking about mint. Apart from the high vitamin content, it is also known for its wonderful taste and invigorating aroma. It also cures bad breath almost instantly. Just have some fresh mint leaves prior to starting your action and you are all set to gear up both physically and mentally.

So, are you ready to work on your oomph factor for a perfect first night?

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