10 Hairstyles to try with Churidar Kameez

Confused as to how you will wear your hair to the party to which you are wearing your Churidar and Kameez? An elegant hairstyle can enhance your entire look when you are wearing an Indian dress. So do not settle for the same old hairdo and try something new the next time around and make heads turn. We give you a few ideas here.

1. Side swept hair

Side swept hair

This is for the ladies who do not have all of that patience. Curl your ends slightly and sweep your hair onto one side of your shoulder and drape your dupatta on the other.

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2. Top bun

Top bun

Curl your hair. Back comb your hair on the scalp. Then knot it up and roll it up into a bun almost on top of your head. This will add height and make your face appear longer.

3. Bindaas straight hair

Bindaas straight hair

If you have medium length hair that is straight, well-trimmed and voluminous, simply comb it down and leave it loose and wear your bindaas attitude. Goes well with Patiala pyjamas.

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4. Side messy bun

Side messy bun

If you have a square face and if you are wearing a Chinese collared dress, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Sweep your hair to a side and make a loose messy bun that hangs low, near one ear. Complete the look with chandelier earrings.

5. Backcombed look

Backcombed look

You can backcomb a section of your hair and hold down that section with a few clips. Curl the ends of your hair and leave it to fall on your shoulder.

6. Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail

If you are having a bad hair day and don’t really want to flaunt your tresses openly, you can make a messy ponytail like this and let the hair fall on one shoulder. It is as simple as it gets!

7. Side braid

Side braid

Another simple hairstyle that looks awesome if you have a fringe or bangs. Pull together all your hair to one side and braid it into a loose plait. If you can make a French plait, nothing like it. Secure the ends with a band and you are good to go!

8. Combed low bun

Combed low bun

This works best on people with oval or apple shaped faces. The neat bun needs you to have clean hair that is secured with some serum so that the hair will hold in place. Make a centre partition in your hair. Comb your hair backwards, away from your face. Secure it into a knot ending in a low bun, just above the nape of your neck.

9. Pinned back hair

Pinned back hair

If you have healthy hair that you want to show off, but also want something that is not high maintenance throughout your evening, just comb your hair back loosely, make a side partition if you want. Take a strand of hair on either side near the temples and secure it at the back with pins. Your lovely mane will be secured and also out for display.

10. Braided updo

Braided updo

This look will have the onlookers go ga-ga. And it is really simple to put together too. Partition your hair at the centre. Braid your hair on either side of the partition, perpendicular to the partition. Once the braids reach the neck length, secure the two braids with the rest of the hair and make a low bun. This hairstyle goes really well with rings and jhumkas.

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