10 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us are extremely affectionate towards our hair to the extent that we do not shy away from trying each and everything possible remedy and quick fix on our hair. Well there are some common mistakes that many of us unknowingly commit that harm our hair. Read on to find out about the most common 10 mistakes that we make.

hair care mistakes

  1. Daily Shampooing – Most of us feel that due to the immense pollution present around us, we must shampoo our hair daily. This is one of the most common mistakes that we are all guilty of. Shampooing your hair daily leads to your hair to come in contact with shampoo and in turn its chemicals which are harmful upon excessive usage. The ideal frequency of shampooing should be once in 2-3 days apart from the exceptional days where you feel your hair has been exposed to dirt and chemicals.
  2. Daily Blow Drying – This is again one of the most prevalent mistakes. Due to our hectic timelines and every day working habits, we feel that the best way to dry one’s hair is to blow dry it. That’s not the case. Hair after washing should be left to dry naturally and once semi-dry, only occasionally should a dryer be used on your hair.
  3. Combing wet hair – All of us have this tendency to comb our hair from root to tip when they are wet. This should be avoided as it’s a mistake to comb wet hair. Hair should be semi dry before you comb it. If you need to step out in a hurry, just comb the tips from down to detangle them and let them dry off before you completely comb them. When hair is wet, combing leads to hair fall and hair damage.
  4. Wrong brush or comb – All of our hair vary in texture and style, that’s the reason why multiple types of combs and brushes are available. One of the common mistakes that we do is to use a wrong or inappropriate brush or comb everyday on our hair. We must find out what is the best suited hair brush or comb and we must use that. Another related mistake is to not clean one’s hair brush and comb.
  5. Hair sprays –Hair sprays deplete the natural level of hair moisture and hence should be completely avoided. We often use Hair sprays thinking that they will enhance our hair quality, again a mistake that we all do.
  6. Ignoring Dandruff – Almost all of us at some point suffer from dandruff and one of the most common mistakes is to hide it, mask it or style one’s hair around it in a way to conceal it. As soon as you discover dandruff, act on it to remove it completely.

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  7. Excessive hair brushing or combing – A lot of us keep combing our hair frequently. All that our hair requires in 3-4 times for a comb or a brush to be run over it, that’s all! However giving into our urges, most of us keep combing it every now and then, several times. This leads to intense hair damage and also depletes the natural minerals present in the hair.
  8. Cutting your own hair – Sometimes out of our over enthusiasm, we end up picking up a scissor and cut our own hair. Reasons are many like few just cut it themselves to remove grey, few to style it instantly and few to prove a point. Always get your hair cut by a trained person.
  9. Irregular Haircuts – All of us keep postponing our hair cut schedule each time to the maximum possible limit and sometimes we even go months and months without a haircut. This is a common mistake done by people who are either trying to grow their hair or are simply lazy. In order to have damage free hair, we must strictly follow a hair cut schedule. This leads to unwanted tips of hair being cut and considerably reduces split ends too.
  10. Over styling and under styling – It is our duty to know the kind and texture of our hair and also the level and frequency of styling that it can handle. Over styling or under styling one’s hair is a mistake that leads to hair damage and even hair fall.

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